Would you like to live or work in a place where:

• you're safe from fire, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes?
• you have very low maintenance costs?
• you have a wide open spacious atmosphere?
•you are environmentally sound?
•you will save as much as 90% on your energy costs?

Of course, your answers to these questions are YES!!  Everyone wants these benefits. However, most people live and work in environments that are not healthy, not safe and not ecologically conscious.














The Possibilities of the Terra-Dome building system are endless

The Terra-Dome building system is a forming system that helps create a concrete steel  reinforced structure in modular form of  24' x 24' or 28' x 28' (inside measurement).  These modules are poured on location and can be arranged in a multitude of configurations.  The Terra-Dome module is used for earth-sheltered structures in most cases. 

The benefit Terra-Dome has over all its competitors is that its modular forming system has conventional vertical walls with a dome ceiling.  This configuration creates many advantages including:
• Freedom of design   (no support walls or posts within module)
• Strength factor   (20 times stronger than a flat roof)
• Open airy feeling   (vaulted ceiling at no additional costs)
• Expeditious   (1 module may be poured every 2-3 days)

Terra-Dome Corporation offers a structure that is superior to the conventional construction techniques at the same cost and in some cases at lower initial costs.  The Terra-Dome structure continues its savings year after year and for generations to come due to the durable materials used in its construction and in utilizing the benefits of the earth.

Design and construction services are available through Terra-Dome to create and build any design imaginable (contemporary, traditional, Spanish, country, etc.).  Let Terra-Dome make your dreams become reality.