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Drafting and Design

Make your wish list and we will take care of the rest.

Terra-Dome Corporation

Drafting and Design Services

Terra-Dome Corporation offers Design & Drafting Services to its residential and commercial clients so that needs and wants may be fulfilled at a nominal cost. All pricing is based on modules being single level. Second story will be charged as a module. Finished loft space and flat roof finished space of 300-500 sq. ft. will be charged as 1/2 module and 500-800 sq. ft. is considered 1 module.

Our Design & Drafting team offers these various stages of service:

Stage 1 (Initial Drafting Package) Optional


Send rough graph drawing of floor plan, wish list,

and price range with check to:

Terra-Dome Corporation

8908 S Shrout Rd

Grain Valley, MO 64029


Phone: (816) 229-6000       


1-3  Modules    $300.00

4-5  Modules    $450.00

6-7  Modules    $500.00

8 +  Modules    Price per quote


Terra-Dome will provide a digital copy of the floor plan.

Stage 2 (Preliminary Drafting Package)


Return the floor plan with changes or send scaled floor plan that you provide with a check for $500.00 + $200.00 per module to Terra-Dome. 


Terra-Dome will provide a digital copy of the floor plan with front elevation including a 3D model of the structure.

Stage 3 (Final Drafting Package)


Return revised basic floor plan and basic front elevation with check to Terra-Dome for $350.00 per module. Three hours of  modification time is allowed between stages with additional time charged at $65/hr.

Terra-Dome will provide a complete digital set of plans that include all of the construction documents listed below.


· Revised front elevation

· Revised floor plan

· Footing plan

· Dimension plan

· Electrical schematic

· Plumbing schematic

· HVAC schematic

· Engineering plans (not sealed by engineer)

Stage 4 (Extensive Design Package)


Contact Terra-Dome for these services.

Services provided for $65/hr.


Terra-Dome will provide a digital copy of the final drafting package plus additional construction documents:


· Window & door schedules

· Interior elevations

· Landscape plan

· Site plan

· Etc.


Contact us for pricing on engineering seals (if needed) and for pricing on plans from this website.

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