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Congratulations!  You have found the home of your dreams!

Terra-Domes are Bright & Beautiful, Safe & Secure, Energy Efficient, Affordable & Versatile.

About Terra-Dome Building Systems

The Terra-Dome building system creates square, steel-reinforced, concrete structures with vertical walls and a domed ceiling (24' x 24' or 28' x 28' inside measurements). These modules are poured on location and can be arranged in a multitude of configurations. Small flat roof areas may be included, as well.

4 Module Terra-Dome Basic Shell
3 1/2 Modules

Terra-Dome homes are superior to wood framed buildings and other concrete structures by providing many advantages.

  • Freedom of design (no support walls or posts within module)

  • Strength factor (20 times stronger than a flat roof)

  • Safer from intrusions, fires, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and more

  • Adaptable (buildable in any terrain, soil type and climate)

  • Exterior may be brick, stucco, stone, log, siding, and more

  • Open airy feeling (vaulted ceiling at no additional costs)

  • Expeditious (1 module may be poured every 2-3 days)

  • Durable (will last for many generations to come)

  • Competitive pricing (TD offers the best price for earth sheltered construction!) 















Terra-Domes are earth sheltered which provides additional benefits:

  • The earth serves as an insulating blanket keeping the structure warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • Energy efficient (up to 85% energy savings in heating and cooling)

  • Quiet

  • Low maintenance (minimal wood painted surfaces and roofs to repair)

  • Controllable environment for dust, pollen, and toxins

  • Aesthetically the home blends with the natural environment leaving more yard for you and wildlife.

Let Terra-Dome make your dream home a reality!

Backfilling roof with soil
Aerial View of a Terra-Dome
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